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Ένας Φακός μόνον για επαγγελματική Χρήση.

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Ένας Φακός μόνον για επαγγελματική Χρήση.

Portable LED flashlight VIDEX VLF-A105Z 1200Lm 5000K is designed for individual use at night or in rooms without lighting. The main indicators are tightness, reliable housing, and light range. Allows you to select the required operating mode.

Maximum brightness 1200Lm. The LED Luminus SST40 is used, which improves the photoelectric conversion coefficient while achieving high reliability and great results.

Increase/decrease the projection of the beam.
Conveniently operated with a slide-out focusing ring to increase or decrease the projection of the light beam. By pressing the button for a long time, the flashlight is switched off.

Flashlight operating mode:

TURBO (Turbo mode) – with the highest brightness of light at 1200Lm. The lighting distance is 215m. Duration of work 1 hour. 30 minutes. Intense luminous flux 11600cd.
The TURBO operating time is the cumulative time tested with the overheating protection enabled.
HIGH (Maximum light power mode) – light brightness 650Lm. Lighting distance is 156m. Duration of work 1 hour. 40min. Intense luminous flux 6096cd.
MIDDLE (Mode of average power of light) – brightness of light 425Lm. The lighting distance is 130m. Duration of work 2 hours. 30 minutes. Luminous flux intensify 4200cd.
LOW (Minimum light power mode) – light brightness 260Lm. Lighting distance is 104m. Duration of work 5 hours. 20 minutes. Intense luminous flux 2720cd.
MOON (Night mode) – the longest operating time is possible in this mode – 83 hours, This generates a luminous flux of 30Lm. Lighting distance is 35m. Intense luminous flux 312cd.
When the flashlight is on, a long press of the button turns on the SOS signal transmission mode.

You can lock / unlock the flashlight by double pressing the button.

Discharge times have been tested with a standard 18650 2200mAh battery and can be extended by using a larger battery. The above parameters may differ depending on the environment.

Automatically remembers the selected mode.

The LED indicator on the button informs about the flashlight charge level:
– Glows green when fully charged (100-85%)
– Flickers green when charged (85-50%)
– Glows red when charged (50-25%)
– Flickers in red when charged (25-1%)

The flashlight is equipped with a metal clip for convenient and secure attachment.

Rechargeable via USB Type-C. Rechargeable batteries of the 18650 type are used as batteries.

Perfectly protected and adapted for use in difficult and extreme conditions. It can withstand mechanical loads and falls from a height without any problems. Can fall from a height of 1m. and it will not be damaged. The robust housing also resists moisture. Protection standard – IP44 (splash proof)

An excellent, modern, high performance flashlight will be a great companion during outdoor activities. Convenient to use. The flashlight has a 3-year warranty and a 1-year battery warranty.

Article:  VLF-A105Z
Light flow: 1200 Lm
Correlated color temperature :5000K (day light)
Range: 215 m
Battery type: Li-ion 18650 2200mAh removable
Working hours: Turbo, maximum, medium, low, night, SOS
IP: 44
LED type:Luminus SST40, 10W
Charge method:USB-C
Charge time:4г
Charge indicator: 4 levels
Fall protection:1 m
Body material: Αεροπορική ανοδίωση αλουμινίου
Reflector surface: Λείος
Warranty period:3 Έτη
Colour: Μαύρο ματ
Сomplete set: Μπαταρία, κλιπ, καλώδιο βραχίονα, καλώδιο φόρτισης, εφεδρικές συσκευές ενίσχυσης, Εγχειρίδιο
Weight: 93g
Διαστάσεις: 140mm х 29mm
Barcode: 4820246481021

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